A daytime cafe-bakery and nighttime hang space, Campfire Coffee + Bread serves up food and beverage to match the seasons. Taking advantage of the best agricultural products the Northeast (and sometimes California) has to offer, Campfire provides a space where food, frivolity, and fascination can meet.

We believe that good food is a right, and that it should be a pleasure; we believe in the values of immediacy, communality, & radical inclusion.

We bake our own bread and pastry; we can our own preserves and sauces. Not because it is precious, but because we like it. (And we like to support our friends who grow good shit.) We like partners who do the same in their work.

We are an unapologetically queer & Jewish business.

We think that hospitality should be a sustainable profession.

We like nature, hiking, and other outdoorsy stuff — we hope you do too!

We love you, if you made it this far. And we love you even if you didn’t.