Catching Up

So, it's been a while, no?

After figuring out that my work from the Terroirism blog is now more or less lost to time (my Squarespace coverage was given to this website), AND after having my first two-day consecutive weekend off in 14 months, it feels fair to be able to say "hey, maybe you should start writing again". And thusly, here we are. (Not to mention: Easter! Resurrection! Spring awakening! Etc!) 

The last 14 months have been a whirlwind. I was a market manager for Greenmarket, the NYC farmers markets, where I enforced rules, conducted outreach campaigns, printed recipes and did cooking demos, and woke up way too early on Saturdays for a year. I also took on an events and operations position for the great Regional Grains Project, a side project of GrowNYC and the Greenmarket working on rebuilding the Northeastern grainshed. I went to the NOFA-NY Winter conference in January, which was a blast, and introduced me to some lovely people -- including the grains farmers we work with in the RGP, the great kids from Elmore Mountain Bread in Vermont, and generally getting a lil drinky and social with some of my favorite farmers and farmers markets attendees, like Tamarack Hollow Farm and Quinciple. We've hosted a few pop-ups, and even have our first true wholesale account with the awesome folks at Boxkite Coffee in the East Village & Upper West Side of NYC. I've also continued being a floor barista for the kind of delightful people at Everyman Espresso, who continue to be my grace. 

I say have been because it's been about time to put some things to rest. My time with the Greenmarket is reaching a conclusion, and along with getting back in on writing,  it's been time to re-up our commitment to Diaspora, taking it from a nascent project of the winter months to a fuller, more buxom being in our slowly arriving spring. We've got two new projects starting up in May: we'll have more on the both of those later this week. But needless to say, watch the space -- Diaspora is coming back in a big way in 2015.