Some spring in our step....

So in our last post we hinted that there are some things afoot here in the Diaspora Kitchen, and by hinted, I mean did that terrible thing where we bludgeoned your over the head with news of an announcement, and thusly, here we are. (I'm pretty sure not following through on such things is like a -1 modifier to your luck roll.)

So first, the more droll bit of news: we're formally launching Diaspora's subscription service for jam. This was a practical thing -- a lot of folks wanted jams sent to them on the regular, with new offerings, and bits of news and updates, and didn't want to have to go through shopping each time to do it. So we're making it easy by setting up a 4-month subscription. At the start of each month, you'll receive 2 jars of decidedly delicious jam plus a little newslettery bit from T'ai & I here at Diaspora, with a little note about the jams, current events, and upcoming events. This all comes at the steal of $100 for the four month run, which amounts to a $20 savings off our retail price. (Imagine ALL THE KOUIGN AMANN YOU CAN BUY WITH $20!!!!!)

The second announcement is far more interesting: starting in May, we'll be starting a weekly community-supported bread (CSB) drop. Like a community supported agriculture (CSA) box scheme, the CSB is a pre-paid, weekly drop, containing two different offerings (at this point): either a single loaf of delicious bread (changing week to week but mostly pullman-style bread loaves) OR a single loaf of delicious bread (same terms) PLUS a delicious tack-on goodie bag, containing anything from additional baked goods to seasonal treats from our friends at the Greenmarket. Loaves and goodies are picked up at a pre-selected (and consistent) location, every week, without fail. we're still working on that particular detail, but that's fine -- we need a minimum of 20 members to make the CSB worthwhile, so we'll be hoping some of you sign up for the subscription -- either option A for $8 or option B for $15 -- on the shop here. (It's also the opportunity -- hint, hint -- to tack on a monthly jam delivery as well. Because bread & jam, you know, kind of go well together.)* 

The CSB model works for us in a number of ways. While Diaspora is making money from our jams and pop-ups, the CSB gives us the opportunity to expand our repertoire and our abilities, and begin scaling Diaspora to a project that we want it to become. It's been a while since I've done production baking, and like any skill, its something that requires practice, and allows me to get back into that rhythm. The CSB also gives us the operational capital to buy fun stuff like bulk flour, kitchen space, and the biggest thing, new equipment. Jams and pop-ups were the first step, and they'll still be our mainstay. But starting subscriptions and the CSB will allow us to also begin building something with regularity -- something that also helps build community, which is a cornerstone of what Diaspora is about. 

But that's another post, no?